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In the modern environment, like many other knowledge intensive roles within what are, let’s be honest, knowledge intensive industries, technology scouting has found itself progressively overloaded with data. If your inbox is anything like mine, then on top of the many emails that are directly linked to your work, it will contain invitations to interesting […]

The Rise of Lithium-Iron Batteries

Battery Technologies Research

First built by an English chemist working at Stanford University in the USA in 1970, it took close to 40 years for Lithium-ion (LiCoO2) batteries to get from the lab to widescale adoption in the marketplace. There were a few technical improvements required, developed by academics in the US and Japan, mostly, with commercial support […]

R&D and Making Less Go Further For The Clean Energy Transition

Electric Car Battery Mining

John D Rockefeller was probably the wealthiest American of all time, dwarfing even Jeff Bezos today, with a net worth of around 3% of US GDP at his peak, which would be about US $650 bn today (although some calculate is to be more like US $450 bn, based on inflation adjustments rather than GDP […]

Tech Scouting During a Pandemic

Tech Scouting During Pandemic

We work with companies from many sectors – pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer good, oil and gas, and others – and our clients are based across the world – the EU, the UK, the USA, Japan, India – and for the first time in our experience, they have all had to deal with the same set of […]

Electric cars everywhere, but not enough batteries!

Electric Car Battery Shortage

It is great to see the final piece in the puzzle being fitted. Electric cars need batteries, but the world does not have enough cobalt to make them, and anyway the embedded energy involved in the process makes break even on a new electric car somewhere over 15 years against simply driving your old petrol […]

How to find world-class technologies at leading universities

How to find world-class technologies at leading universities

With over $70bn in sales generated from products developed from the work of academic scientists at just 200 US institutions (AUTM figures), it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to academia to access these leading scientific and engineering minds for their R&D efforts. Partnering with universities can help companies cut costs and accelerate internal […]

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